Vintage aluminium jug - German 50s 60s metal mug - Pure aluminum brillant design in ageless shabby chic style

A classic design: this jug is functional and looks good, too. It's body is made out of pure aluminium, such as a stamped in seal tells in German: "Rein Aluminium Brillant", which means "Pure Brillant Aluminum".
It was likely made in the 50s or 60s, but could be older or younger, too. We were told that it once was equipment used in a train conductor's stand, but of course you could and should use it the way you want it.

The cup is in good and vintage condition, with several scratches and small dents all over it - it's definitely not "as new", but has a lot of vintage character. Please see the pictures for details.

Dimensions: ca. 10 cm height, ca. 12 cm diameter, ca. 215 g weight.

17 EUR