Vintage yellow glass ashtray 50s 60s - Beautiful promotional item by Max Krause MK Briefpapier, German paper manufacture - Ash-tray bowl set

This beautiful glass ashtray presumabely hails from the 50s or 60s. It is tinted in yellow, and checkered with little stripes, giving the glass an interesting look. At the center of the bowl, there's an advertisment print by "MK Papier - Max Krause Briefpapier" in deep red colour. It's the wonderfully designed logo of a German paper maker who was once a large manufacture, but ceased existence several decades ago.
The shape is a rounded, waved square. There is a brass inlay inserted on which to place the cigarettes - it can be removed and placed into another ashtray.
There is one insert and in total 4 glass bowls. If you break a bowl or need to clean it, you can use these other glass bowls as backup. But of course you can very well use these backups also as small bowls.

The bowls are in very good condition, and were possibly never used, with maybe a few very small scratches that just came over time and per accident, if at all. The ashtray insert has a few more scratches, but still looks pretty good. See pictures for more details.

Dimensions: ca. 1,5 cm height, ca. 9,5 cm width, ca. 9,5 cm length, ca. 290 g total weight.
32 EUR