Vintage red vase in jug shape - Ceramic 60s 70s amphora design deep carmine with black inside

This fine vase features a form similar to a jug with a handle - or a stylized amphora. Of course you can use it as a jug, too, but it performs best when used in conjunction with a beautiful bunch of flowers. Just imagine this beautiful deep red vase filled with a bouquet of bright red roses!

Its round body is made from thick ceramic, and while the outside is shining with that beautiful red color, its inside is clad in black. The vase was presumabely made in the 60s or 70s by an unknown German manufacturer, likely Scheurich or Fohr.

The vase is in very good condition with hardly any signs of age or use at all.

Dimensions: ca. 22 cm height,ca. 10 cm diameter, ca. 610g weight.
25 EUR