Big beautiful 50s ashtray - Golden flowers pattern on blue cobalt ground, white and gilded rim - Vintage 50s German porcelain design style GDR Weimar

This beautiful porcelain ashtray hails from the 50s, and impresses with its mix of colors and shapes. It is formed in a typcial Mid-Century style, with slightly uneven curves that lend it a sense of drive. Its base is coloured in a deep, rich Cobalt blue, with white and golden flowers being painted on in a stilised fashion. The rim is white with gilded edges. The overall size is relatively big for an ashtray, and it has two slots to rest cigarettes or cigars in.
It was made in Weimar, Germany, then being part of the GDR.

The ashtray is in very good condition with only minimal signs of age and use.

Dimensions: ca. 3 cm height, ca. 18 cm width, ca. 16 cm depth, ca. 230 g weight.
28 EUR