Impressive blue-white vase in striking asian style - Vintage china from China or Japan - Rich ornamental floral pattern

This vase is a real treat! Its form is elegantly shaped, bulgy at the lower part, slender at the neck. It is adorned richly with ornaments, partly floral, partly symmetric shapes. The blue color is set to a fine effect, too.
Best used with a carefully arranged bunch of flowers, this will make a perfect assembly for your living room.
The vase is of Asian origin, we're not sure if it was made in China or Japan; maybe you're able to make out more of the signature on the bottom? It was likely made in the 60s, but it's hard to tell.

The vase is in very good condition, with only very light signs of age and use. See pictures for more details.

Dimensions: ca. 24 cm height, ca. 12 cm diameter, ca. 550 g weight.
52 EUR
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