Vintage letter rack / holder - Sturdy and iconic design, brass, green marble and red felt - 40s / 50s office desk style organizing

This letter rack is perfect for keeping your office desk in order. It was likely made in the 40s or 50s, and consists out of a slab of heavy rock brought into a fine polished form, along with 3 racks made out of brass, and a layer of red felt on its bottom to save your desk from scratches.
The base is made out of green and black marble or agate, while the holders show a certain amount of Art Deco style.

The letter rack is in good condition with a few signs of age and use (some small scratches). Please note, that the front holder (the smallest one) is a bit loose; you'll only notice when waggling it, though.

Dimensions: ca. 11 cm height, ca. 16,5 cm length, ca. 11 cm width, ca. 1200g weight.
28 EUR
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