Ceiling or wall lamp - Vintage 80s Art Deco style triangular design - Turqoise blue green metallic hammered finish brass adjustable spot light geometric

This is a seldomly seen, beautiful vintage lamp, straight from the 80s! It radiates that true 80s / early 90s late Art Deco design we know so well. The triangular base can be attached to either a wall or the ceiling, and three adjustable spot lights (they take normal light bulbs) will be able to lighten up your room as wanted.
The base colour is a blue and green colour mix, similar to a dark turqoise or petrol. The coating looks like metallic chrome with a hammered finish, while several parts are brass. Each spotlight has its own small glass lamp shade.

The condition of the lamp is pretty good for its age, there are just minimal flaws, such as a few spots of white wall paint on some edges and a few minor scratches. Else it is in very good shape. Please see pictures for details.

Dimensions: ca. 2 cm height (base), ca. 18 cm height (incl. lampshades), ca. 34 cm length each side, ca. 1400 g weight, ca 11 cm length per lamphead.

SHIPPING: The shipping of this lamp is slightly more expensive due to its size. 
Shipping to USA: 37.00 €
Shipping to EU: 20.00 €
Shipping inside Germany: 10.00€
54 EUR