Cocktail ice cube holder - Vintage 50s 60s barware, glass body with brass handle and tongs - Relief design pattern bowl and wooden details

Now that is a gem: a vintage cocktail ice cube holder! We're not really sure about its age, but it may well date back to the 50s or 60s, at least that's the style of it. Its body is made out of thick glass, shimmering with its fine serrated relief design. The handle is made out of brass, including wooden details. The accompanying tongs are also made out of brass, and can be used to pick up single ice cubes from the bowl.
This ice cube holder allows you to fix perfect drinks with perfect style and perfectly dry and warm hands.

The overall condition is very good, it performs as well as a present for your cocktail mixing barkeeper friend as it does as an eye-catcher at your next cocktail party.

Dimensions glass: ca. 14 cm height, ca. 13 cm diameter, weight: ca. 840 g.
Dimensions pincers: ca. 16 cm length.
34 EUR