Coffee tin - Vintage copper can with lid - Rectangular cubic shape and hammered finish - German 50s 60s design Frielo Hamburg

This is a wonderful vintage coffee tin, as it was commonly made and used in Germany. This one was produced by Friedrich Lohr, aka. Frielo in Hamburg. It's made out of copper and looks even more shiny due to its hammered finish. The shape is rectangular or cubic, and it features a lid.
The tin is relatively large and will hold a fair amount of ground coffee or beans - or whatever else you want to store in it. It was likely made in the 50s or 60s.

The tin is is pretty good condition, with only small signs of age and use. If you prefer it more shiny, you may give it another polish. Please see the pictures for details!

Dimensions: ca. 9,5 cm height, ca. 16 cm width, 14 cm length, 220g weight.

28 EUR