Alarm Clock - Vintage 70s 60s German cubic design brown orange and white Prätina Quartz

This alarm clock shows a typical 60s/70s German cubic design. Its edges are slightly rounded, and the clock face is very minimalistic and clear.
The alarm clock is still fully functional, its alarm sound being a short series of beeps. The alarm mode is switched on and off by a brown switch on top of the alarm clock - this feature is a bit stiff, but working. Reliability and synchronicity should be tested, though, so don't use it at once before an important business meeting...

Overall condition is pretty good, with some minor signs of age and use. We pre-cleaned it a bit, but you might want to give it a second polish. Made by Prätina in Germany.

Dimensions: ca. 7,5 cm width, ca. 7,5 cm height, ca. 4 cm depth, ca. 80g weight.
22 EUR
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