Large orange coffeepot  - Vintage 70s design

Large orange coffeepot - Vintage 70s design

This is a vintage coffeepot in a striking 70s design, large and sturdy. Its color is a flashy orange with some white edges on the rim, handle and spout. Unfortunately, the lid is missing - of course you can stil very well use it as a coffee or tea pot, or simply put water and some beautiful flowers in it and use it as a vase.
A mark on its bottom says "Made in Western Germany", but doesn't tell its secret about the manufacturer.

The pot is in very good condition, with only small signs of age and use.

Dimensions coffeepot: ca. 15 cm height, ca. 21,5 cm lenght (incl. spout & handle), ca. 16 cm diameter, ca. 950g weight.

20 EUR
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