Large heavy white vase with brown handpainted dandelion flowers - Ceramic vintage 60s blowball design jug

This large vase features a form similar to an amphora, and is also extra-heavy and sturdy by design.
Perfect to put a beautiful bouquet of flowers inside and never to care about it being pushed over - when filled with water this weighs quite a lot.
The overall look is quite a "handmade" one, due to the rough surface and the handpainted brown dandelion blowball design. We're not sure, but it seems that it actually is handmade by someone and was not made by a manufacturer in large amounts. So this may well be a single piece. If so, that someone made this vase with finesse and talent - just look at the pictures for details.

Very good condition.

Dimensions: ca. 20,5 cm height, ca. 16,5 cm length, ca. 14 cm diameter, ca. 1400g weight.
32 EUR