Large and sturdy bar glass carafe - Vintage 50s corrugated design with brass-like lid - For liquor or perfume bottle

This medium-large glass carafe is a perfect addition for any bar, ready to be filled with a fine liquor or spirit, and inspires with its fashionable 50s/60s design. The glass is thick and sturdy, giving the bottle quite some weight, and its corrugated surface not only assures a safe grip, but also makes any liquid inside look even better! On top of it sits a large brass like lid to safely seal the bottle, which is made of coated plastic.

Of course you don't have to use it as a bar and drinking equipment, it also fares very well as a perfume bottle in your bathroom. Or fill it with something totally different.

The carafe's condition is good, while its lid has a few scratches. Before filling it with any liquid, please give it a good cleaning before!

Dimensions: ca. 23,5 cm height, ca. 8,5 cm length, ca. 7 cm depth, ca. 930g weight.
25 EUR
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