Leather purse clutch wrist bag - Vintage dark red brown 70s folding handbag with several pockets

This cute clutch handbag is made out of leather, and was likely made in the 70s. It's main color is a light reddish brown.
There are two compartments for everything you need to carry when going out and the bag can be closed with a single button on the front. Perfect to use as a handbag, a purse or to keep important documents with you.

The condition is good, with a few signs of age and use, the wrist band is a little bit more broken, as it happens, when you use it, but it gives a nice vintage look. You can also change the length of the handle according to your needs. As you can see in the last picture, the zipper on the very back it broken, but probably you could fix it with a new one.

Dimensions: ca. 14,5 cm height, ca. 23 cm width, ca. 3,5 cm depth, ca. weight 260g.
32 EUR