Vintage copper ewer - Jug vase with handle, beaked spout and pumpkin shape

This vintage ewer is made of copper and interestingly designed. Its body is formed a bit like a pumpkin, and features a relief pattern of thick stripes on a round body. The spout on the other hand is long and pointy.

The ewer's age is unclear, it might date from the 50s or 60s, but could as well be older.
It is also perfect to use it as a vase and put a bunch of beautiful flowers in it, to use it as a watering can - or to drink wine from it!

It is in used but good condition. You might want to give it a polish if you dislike the patina. See the pictures for more details!

Dimensions: ca. 17 cm height, ca. 9,5 cm diameter, ca, 12,5 cm width incl. handle, weight: ca. 250 g.
34 EUR