Vintage kitchen scales with round brown body - German 70s design by Soehnle

These vintage kitchen scales are not only a looker, but are also in full working condition. Its round, brown body will stand firmly on your kitchen table, and you can tare the scales by a small turning knob on its back. The contents to be weighed will be put into the accompanying bowl - it's pretty self-explaining.
Made (presumabely) in the 70s by German manufacturer Soehnle.

The condition is pretty good, there's only one minor flaw: a crack in the acrylic glass on the front, which of course doesn't affect the funtionality of the scales. See pictures for more details.

Dimensions: ca. 18 cm height, ca. 23 cm height (incl. the bowl), ca. 14,5 cm depth, ca. 14 cm diameter, ca. 520g weight.
24 EUR