Vintage Steiff figure - Black poodle "Snobby" dog - Cuddly plush stuffed soft toy animal 50s 60s

This vintage cuddly toy resembles a black poodle, and as we found out it is the model "Snobby" by famous German manufacturer Steiff! It was made in the 50s or 60s, and the dog is not only wearing a red collar, but also shows us his tongue. Cheeky!

The poodle is in vintage condition, which means it's quite good for its age, but has a few light parts on its fur. Also, the Steiff button is missing if there ever was one. So we guess it's more for dog lovers and not so much for collectors looking out for excellent condition items.

Dimensions: ca. 21 cm height, ca. 19 cm length, ca. 8 cm width, ca. 170 g weight.
38 EUR