Dominoes with cute illustrations - Vintage 70s 80s domino game for children made of wood handpainted in box

This beautiful Dominoes game for kids features illustrations that are very cute and hand painted. Instead of pips, you look for pairs of f.i. roosters or butterflies.
The dominoes are made out of wood and come in a carrying box with a sliding lid, which is also made out of wood. As far as we can see, the game parts are complete. It was likely made in the 70s or 80s, maybe a bit earlier. It consists of 28 pieces.

The Dominoes are in good vintage condition. There are a few scratches, but just expectable ones as it has been played with. The edges of the box are a bit battered, but everything still works as it should and it's more a small cosmetic issue. See pictures for details!

Dimensions: ca. 4,5 cm height, ca. 37 cm width, ca. 5 cm depth, ca. 1100 g weight.
32 EUR