Serving tray for cooked egg delicacies with many partitions - Vintage "Eier-Kabarett" 60s German design by WMF - Stainless steel Cromargan

Anyone called for cooked eggs? Would you prefer them done as Russian eggs, or served along with some side dishes?
Whatever the call, you'll serve 'em skillfully with this "Eier-Kabinett" by renowned German manufacturer WMF! You can place up to 6 cooked eggs (whole ones or halves) in the slots, and have 3 larger partitions for side dishes, bread, salad, dips and sauces or other eggstras. Truly eggsceptional! We hope you're as eggscited as us...

This tray is made out of "Cromargan", the WMF brand of high-quality stainless steel, and impresses with a typical, clear-cut design. It was likely made in the 1960s or 1970s and will be highly useful in your household or at a party to serve little amuse gueules.

The item condition is very good, with no signs of age and use. It even comes in the original box! The box' condition is a bit battered and the colours are a bit faded, but still quite good for its age. The "Egg-Cabinet" was likely never even used at all. See pictures for details!

Dimensions: Length ca. 34 cm, width ca. 18 cm, height ca. 2 cm, weight (incl. the box) ca. 400 g.

29 EUR