Decorative cork with beautiful fish figurine - Vintage bottle plug with green & gold angelfish made out of tarnished brass - Wine accessory

This is a beautiful and unique decorative cork, suitable to seal your already opened wine bottles, so that you won't have to squeeze the original cork back in.
Atop the cork sits a finely designed fish figurine, an angelfish by the look of it (I'm not a fish expert, though). Made out of brass, it has been processed so that a large part of it has turned green from oxidation tarnish, giving it a wonderful and original look. It very much looks like a handmade work, so not every fish is the same in the pond...

The cork is in good condition, but has fought its battles during the times and tides. We guess it was made in the 1980s, but could also be older. It has collected a few scratches, but nothing serious. Please see the pictures and be charmed by this angelic fish!

Dimensions: ca. 8 cm height, ca. 2,5 cm width, ca. 4 cm depth, ca. 65 g weight.
34 EUR