Handbag in vintage 50s 60s design - Woven brown wicker or bast, bamboo handles and white scrim fabric

This handbag may be not as old as it looks, but nicely mimics the style of the 1950s or 1960s.
The body is clad in woven wicker or bast in a medium-light brown colour. It features a metal latch and handles made of bamboo. Other parts are made out of a white scrim fabric or cotton (especially the inside), so the overall impression is quite light and bright.

The overall condition is pretty good, but please notice that the bag was used, so there are small signs of age and usage. Most of these are unremarkable, but there are a few small scratches on the body that might catch your eye and there is a beige stain on the cotton bottom.
Please check the pictures for details!

Dimensions: ca. 27 cm height, ca. 41 cm width, ca. 12 cm depth, ca. 400 g weight.
48 EUR