Japanese sushi soy sauce porcelaine dish - Asian china saucer with blue flower ornaments

This is a small Japanese porcelaine dish or saucer. The white china is painted with blue ornaments of floral design, seemingly showing the Sakura, the blooming cherry blossoms in Spring. Its age is unknown to use, it might as well date from the 1940s as from the 1960s or later.
You can use this small dish as a saucer or a bowl, or you can include it into your Sushi setup: simply put soy sauce on it and maybe also some wasabi! Or use it as a small appetizer platter. Well, you'll think of something.

The condition is alright, but there are a few light scratches and colour residuals - this seemingly never was a grade A item.

Dimensions dish: ca 2 cm height, ca. 9 cm diameter, ca. 50g weight.
10 EUR