Vintage 80s ceiling lamp - Facetted glass and black metal with silver colored lining - Space Age round UFO 60s design decorative style

This is a seldomly seen, medium-large and beautiful vintage lamp, to be hung from the ceiling of your living room, kitchen, or any other room this impressive item can shine.
Made by an unknown manufacturer, it likely dates from the 70s or 80s. It seems to call on the Space Age aesthetics with its UFO form. The body is made from black metal, with two round strips forming the hull. Along these strips, silver-coloured linings are attached to the metal. Inside sits a glass hull into which to put the light bulb, and it's facetted surface will help spread the light in a favorable way.

The condition of the lamp is very good, with only light signs of age and use (see pictures for details).

Dimensions: ca. 13 cm height, ca. 24 cm diameter, ca. 950 g weight.

SHIPPING: The shipping of this lamp is slightly more expensive due to its size. 
Shipping to USA: 37.00 €
Shipping to EU: 20.00 €
Shipping inside Germany: 8.00€
52 EUR