Leather school bag - Vintage 70s light brown satchel with handle and compartments

This vintage school bag is made out of thick and solid leather, and was likely made in the 70s. It's main color is a beautiful light reddish brown. The inside is one large compartment and on the outside there are two little bags on the front. 
The bag is closed with one big buckle in the middle as well as 2 closures on the smaller bags on the front.

The condition is a good vintage condition, just the handle on the top is very worn and as good as broken. It may be repaired by sewing the leather back together or maybe wrapping it with a new piece of leather. Please see pictures for details!

Dimensions: ca. 30 cm height, ca. 41 cm width, ca. 12 cm depth, ca. 1000 g weight.
38 EUR
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