Wooden last - Vintage shoemakers equipment with steel reinforcements - Decoration accessoire shoe model mannequin

This a very special item: a vintage last, used by shoemakers to model shoes. It is made out of polished wood and has several steel reinforcements. There are some German remarks scribbled over it with directions on how to use it for shoemaking - we estimate its age to date from somewhere between the 60s and 80s.
It is a right-foot-model and has the following model etchings engraved: 2503, 33/6 and 50000.

This item might be useful for an actual shoemaker, or more likely make for a beautiful decoration accessoire.
The condition is good, with signs of age and use (including the scribbles); on its heel, there is a rough patch on the wooden surface. See pictures for more details.

Dimensions: ca. 9 cm height, ca. 22 cm length, ca. 7 cm width, ca. 360g weight.
26 EUR