Magazine rack from the 50s - blue & red with white flowers and dark wood

This beautiful magazine stand dates back to the 50s. It is very cute with its cute fabric with small white flowers on light blue ground. On the inside it is made from dark red silk like fabric with extra compartments to store small stuff. 
If you donĀ“t use it for magazines or books, it is perfect for you knitting projects to store your wool and needles to have everything you need beside your couch or bed.
Of course you can also store all other hand work supplies or whatever you want.

For its age it is in a good condition, there is just a little stain on fabric on the bottom of it. For details please see the pictures.

Dimensions: Height: 35 cm, Width: 35 cm, Depth: 24,5 cm, Weight: 300 g.

37 EUR