Nutcracker in squirrel shape - Vintage brass design 70s 80s for nut lovers!

The cutest nutcracker on earth! It is the perfect gift for christmas or nut fans in general. And of course for squirrel lovers!
The nutcracker is made out of brass, likely by a German manufacturer in the 1970s or 1980s, which is just a guess as there's no manufacturer's mark. Wenn a nut is inserted between the squirrel's little hands and snout, the nut can be cracked by moving the tail which acts as lever. The squirrel then passes the cracked nut over to you, the friend of squirrels and nuts.

The squirrel nutcracker is in very good condition, with only minial signs of age and use.

Dimensions: ca. 8 cm height, ca. 15 cm width, ca. 2,5 cm depth, ca. 180 g weight.
31 EUR