Polaroid Camera 635 CL like new with original case and instruction manual

Polaroid Camera 635 CL like new with original case and instruction manual

Manufacturer: Polaroid
Name: Polaroid Supercolor 635 CL
Format: Type 600
Focal length: 116 mm (?)
Focus: Fix
maximum aperture: f / 11 (?)
Exposure time: 1/200 s to 1/4 s
Flash / Flash: Built-in flash

The housing of the camera is mainly black and gets some color through the polaroid rainbow. The case is made of plastic.
The instant camera has a built-in flash and a close-up lens. The lens, in front of which the close-up lens can be pushed with a lever, is fixed. There is no autofocus or zoom in this instant camera.
The close-up lens of the Polaroid Supercolor 635 CL shortens the near-focus limit to 0.6 meters, otherwise it is 1.2 meters.
The operation of the camera is very simple and you need the guidance if only for the beginning. Just press the shutter button and change the film now and then thats it.

The camera requires the 600 instantaneous images.
Today, Polaroid does not produce instant films, but The Impossible Project produces films for the OneStep 600.
For Impossible Color Film for 600 (Amazon) and Impossible B & W Film for 600 (Amazon) for black and white photographs.
There are eight pictures in one package and not ten as before.
Since the picture counter is designed on the back for the old films, it counts from ten down to zero.
Taking pictures with the Impossible films it is important that you have to exchange the film at "2" and not at the "0".

The battery for the power supply of the Polaroid Supercolor 635 CL is in the cassette with the film.

So either you'll use this camera for instant photography, or you'll acquire it as a collector's item or for decorative reasons, it's simply an object of beauty.
We can not guarantee, that this camera works as we can not try it out, but I guess it does, as all knobs and buttons work properly, everything is clean and the battery is inside the film, you will have to add (so no battery could have blended out, what is the most frequent cause for cameras to not work anymore).

Height: 9,5 cm, width: 14,5, depth: 12,5 cm, weight: 580 g. 
65 EUR