Polaroid Camera Instant 10 with beautiful vintage rainbow colored strap

This beauty is still in very good shape, and comes along with an original vintage Polaroid strap coloured in all colours of the rainbow!
Nowadays though, it will be problematic to find the suitable films (Polaroid 80) for this camera as they're not produced anymore, but here is a nice idea and instruction how to make FUJI 100 films work: https://www.lomography.com/magazine/280487-back-from-the-dead-hack-your-polaroid-80-series-camera-to...

So either you'll use this camera for instant photography, or you'll acquire it as a collector's item or for decorative reasons, it's simply an object of beauty.

Height: 14,5 cm, width: 16, depth: 13 cm, handle 90 cm, weight: 590g. 
37 EUR
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