Polaroid Camera Instant 630 SL with original instruction manual

Polaroid Camera Instant 630 SL with original instruction manual

This beauty is still in very good shape, and comes along with an original instruction manual 
It should work perfectly with polaroid films in size 600, that are still available by The Impossible Project on amazon or other providers.

It has a simple lens with a fixed focus and focal length.
The camera itself measures the exposure measurement and the adjustment and can only be influenced by the light / dark control.
Through a simple viewfinder for the review you can target his motif.
The built-in automatic flash and the camera itself are powered by a battery in the filmpack.

So either you'll use this camera for instant photography, or you'll acquire it as a collector's item or for decorative reasons, it's simply an object of beauty.
We can not guarantee, that this camera works as we can not try it out, but I guess it does, as all knobs and buttons work properly, everything is clean and the battery is inside the film, you will have to add (so no battery could have blended out, what is the most frequent cause for cameras to not work anymore).

Height: 9,5 cm, width: 14,5, depth: 12,5 cm, weight: 580 g. 
55 EUR