Red leather handbag - Vintage 70s dark red upright practical design - Many pockets, compartments & strap handle

This beautiful handbag is made out of thick and solid leather, and was likely made in the 70s. It's main color is a medium-dark red.
The bag is designed to be very practical, and combines an upright design with a variety of pockets and compartments. Inside are two large compartments, and one small  pocket on the outside, which can be closed by buttons.

This bag is perfect to keep you organized on travels, in university, at work... Also, it looks fantastic.
The bag can be closed and opened with a brass locking button on the front. There once may have been a key to lock it, but that one has been lost in time.
Its strap (ca. 1 m length) is attached and can be changed in length. It also has a handle to keep it close.

The condition is very good, only few and common signs of age and use, but thats what makes her even more beautiful.

Dimensions: ca. 24 cm height, ca. 20,5 cm width, ca. 8 cm depth, leather strap ca. 1 m length, ca. 560 g weight.
38 EUR