Red workplace lamp 70s vintage - Red orange and white desk light - Classic design workshop lamp T-1 Twist

This is a large and beautiful orange red workplace lamp in the classic design form. That style was invented around the 1950s and still further used and modified throughout the 1970s and later.
The lamp's arm can be attached to a desk by using a clamp and can be moved and extended for positioning the work light. The on/off button sits atop the lamp shade and features a glow-in-the-dark effect.

The lamp has seen some use on previous workplaces. There are a few small scratches and light dents, which you can see in the pictures (there are two dents on the lampshade). To fix the lamp to a work desk, an external clamp must be utilized - see the pictures for details of the termination piece.
Apart of that, the lamp is in good and fully functional condition. The power plug is a standard European plug. The manufacturer is unknown, but a sign states the name T-1 Twist. The light bulb size is E27 (the larger ones), you can use energy-saving bulbs as well.

Dimensions: ca. 95 cm arm length, ca. 17 cm head length, ca. 18 cm lampshade diameter, ca. 160 cm power cord length, ca. 1200 g weight.

SHIPPING: The shipping of this lamp is slightly more expensive due to its size. 
Shipping to USA: 45.00 €
Shipping to EU: 20.00 €
Shipping inside Germany: 10.00€
52 EUR