Set of 6 small colorful casseroles from France - Vintage bowls in earthen pastel tones (blue, orange, green, ...), perfect for Creme Brulee or appetizers

This is a colorful  set of 6 small casseroles from France. They mostly use it for ragout fin or creme brulee, which is baked in the oven but you may also serve dessert or appetizers in it. It makes a beautiful eye catcher on your table.
They come in different colours of dark or earthen shades of pastel tones: green, brown, orange, red, blue, etc.

The condition is very good, just some very small marks on the upper rim of the bowls (especially at the red one). See the pictures for details.

Dimensions: 8 cm diameter, 4,7 cm height. 115 g one piece, all together 645 g weight.
28 EUR
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