Set of wooden bowls with spoon- Simple but elegant rustic carved grain geometric style for nature lovers

This set of wooden bowls comes in handy! It consists out of 6 small bowls, one big bowl and a wooden spoon for serving. You'd have to throw it real hard to break it, and it is not only durable but also quiet. But of course, its natural looks are usually more interesting, and it shows a nice wooden grain and structure.

You can polish it with oil so it gets more shiny and resistent to fluids.
It is used but in a nice condition.
Perfect also to store small items in, or to present snacks, nuts, cookies and fruit.

Dimensions small bowls: ca. 9,5 cm width 9,5 cm length 
Dimensions big bowl: ca. 15 cm width 15 cm length
Spoon: 17,5 cm length 
Weight all together: 520 g
32 EUR