Turquoise vintage teething ring with teddy bear figurine from the 60s - Cute baby accessory animal toy pacifier teether

This beautiful teething ring will bring peace to both your baby and yourself - your baby can bite, and you can delight in the view of that cute baby bear sitting on the top.
Before giving this teether to your child, you should clean it thoroughly, though. We already washed it twice, but better be safe - there are a few spots on the ring.
The figure was presumabely made in the late 1960s or early 1970s. It is made out of soft plastic or rubber, and can be pressed to produce squeaky sounds.

The condition is pretty good for its age, with some common signs of age and use (some of the color washed off, some scratches).

Dimensions: ca. 15,5 cm height, ca. 5 cm width, ca. 6 cm depth, ca. 50 g weight.
27 EUR