Small vintage Art Deco tin vase with handle - Slender Amphora shape design style in heavy thick metal 20s 40s

This vintage vase is made of a metal, possibly tin or an alloy, and is made out a relatively thick and heavy material. It is beautifully designed, its body being formed like an amphora, with details hinting of the Art Deco era. Our guess is that it was made somewhere inbetween the 1920 and 1940s, although we're not sure; there's also no manufacturer's sign visible. It surely is an interesting and beautiful vase.

The vase is in good condition, with a few signs of age and use, such as a few scratches and patina. Please see the pictures for more details!

Dimensions: ca. 18 cm height, ca. 7 cm length (incl. handle), ca. 6 cm diameter, ca. 440 g weight.
47 EUR