Vintage thermos jug "RotPunkt" - 70s German flask in red and white to keep you warm at cold nights - Star pattern for hot tea or coffee with integrated cup

This beautiful and flashy vintage thermos jug will be your perfect companion for cold nights! Whether you put tea, coffee, soup or another hot beverage into it, they all will be kept warm for a long time. The integrated plastic cup (with handle) eliminates the need to bring an additional mug with you (except of course, you like to share).
Great for camping or star-watching sessions under the nightsky!
Speaking about stars: the thermos flask shows a stilized star pattern in white on its red body, in a beautiful 70s or 80s German design. It was made by manufacturer "RotPunkt" (meaning "red dot").

The condition of this item is very good - actually it seems to have never been used at all. The insides are intact and it is ready to use. As always with items that will contain food: make sure to wash it out once before putting it to use.

Dimensions: ca. 30,5 cm height, ca. 10 cm diameter, ca. 600 g weight.
34 EUR