Beautiful three-coloured etching, vintage and framed - Antalya Turkey city scenery with Mosque domes - Three colors picture painting in wooden frame, 1987 original signed by German artist Renate Drews - Kuppeln in Antalya

This beautiful, handmade three-colour etching shows a scenery of Antalya, Turkey. You can see the domes of Mosques, and such the picture is titled "Kuppeln in Antalya" ("Domes in Antalya"). It was done and signed by a German artist called Renate Drews in 1987.
The detailed and refined picture is already set in a wooden frame with a glass pane.
The picture is in very good condition, only the etching paper is a little bit yellowed over time and there are a few minimal scuffs on the frame. Please see the pictures for details.

Dimensions: ca. 22 cm height, 24 cm width, ca. 390 g weight.

74 EUR