Crystal glass tray with yellow highlights in round tortoise shape - Vintage 60s 50s German luxury design bowl platter - Symmetric turtle pattern intarsia in old box - 4 compartments, perfect for serving snacks

Serve your guests or yourself with impeccable style! This luxurious serving tray or bowl was made in the 50s or 60s, and impresses with a high degree of craftmanship as well as with an overdose of kitsch.
The tray is made from clear and yellow crystal glass, with beautiful intarsia of triangle patterns. Due to its overall shape and the intarsia, the tray looks quite like a tortoise. It is divided into 4 compartments, making it perfect to serve snacks!

It comes in an old cardboard box, which might be the original box, but we're not sure about this. It even has an original producer's sticker on it, and we guess it was manufactured by "Walther Kristallglas".

The item condition is very good, with no signs of age and use at all, but as new. The tray likely was never used, but instead might've been bought for a collection. See pictures for details!

Dimensions: Length ca. 28,5 cm, width ca. 19,5 cm, height ca. 3,5 cm, weight (incl. the box) ca. 1155 g.
49 EUR