Small tray with little schnapps glasses - Vintage 50s classic design - Tinted glass yellow blue green orange - Brass, wood and plastics with stylish pattern

This vintage tray holds 6 glasses, so invite some friends for some schnapps, liquor or spirits!
Some parts of this stylish tray are made out of golden-coloured brass, and some out of wood. The tray's main surface is made out of gray plastic, adorned with a typical 50s pattern.
The glasses are made from lightly tinted glass in different colors (yellow, blue, green, orange), making them even more interesting und quite unique!

The condition is very good, with only minimal signs of age and use. One of the glasses has a small chip, though, as you can see in the last picture.

Dimensions tray: ca. 23 cm length, ca. 13 cm width, ca. 10 cm height.
Dimensions glasses: ca. 4,5 cm diameter, ca. 5 cm height.
Total weight: ca. 222 g.
34 EUR