Set of 4 vintage coasters - Silverplated with Victorian ornaments, floral pattern design with hearts - Includes stylish holder for stacking 80s tableware

This vintage set consists our of 4 coasters and a holder, which can be used to stack the coasters neatly inside. The coasters and holder are silver-plated and adorned with a lovely pattern of floral ornaments with hearts in a design, that reminds of Victorian style. On the underside, they're clad with some sort of synthetic black plastic leather. They were possibly made in the 1980s.

The coasters and holder are in good condition, with a few small scratches and a few signs of age and use. If you dislike the patina, you can polish them some more to make them more shiny (we already polished them a bit). Please see pictures for more details!

Dimensions coasters: diameter ca. 9,5 cm, height ca. 0,5 cm.
Dimensions holder: diameter ca. 11,5 cm, height ca. 3,5 cm.
Total weight: ca. 285 g.
35 EUR