Very 70s vintage fondue lunch plates - Set of 6 big colorful ceramic dishes - Blue, green, red, orange, yellow

These six fondue plates are so psychedelically colorful, they're radiating the atmosphere of the 70s with their striking colours. They're blue, green, red, orange and yellow, and none of them looks the same as the others.

You don't have to use them to serve fondue, of course, but it was likely once designed for this purposes. The compartments on the dishes themselves make it easy to separate dips, sauces, and different food parts from each other. It's perfect for e.g. an English Breakfast as well!

The dishes are in good condition, just on some of them there are little scratches on the borders as you can see in the pictures.

Dimensions: ca. 1,5 cm height, ca. 22,5 cm diameter, ca. 550 g weight each (ca. 3500 g total).

SHIPPING: The shipping of this set of dishes is slightly more expensive due to its weight.
Shipping to USA: 37.00 €
Shipping to EU: 20.00 €
Shipping inside Germany: 8.00€
38 EUR