Vintage large wooden tray - Wood hand painted with beautiful rustic flower pattern peasant art - Perfect for your summer picnic in the garden or romantic breakfast - Handmade 30s 40s

This vintage large wooden tray is adorned with a beautiful handpainted flower pattern, typical for the style from the Alps. It is a wonderful example of traditional rural art!
The tray is handmade, we estimate that it was done between the 1930s and 1950s, but we're not sure about this. It might as well be younger or even older. Possible places of origin might be Southern Germany (Bavaria), Austria or Switzerland.
The tray is perfect for your summer picnic in the garden or on the balcony - or for a romantic breakfast in your bed. Due to its large size you'll also be able to transport much more than on usual trays - less walking time, more cuddle time!

This beautiful tray is in good condition with some common signs of age and use - a few small scuffs etc., but nothing too wild. See pictures for more details!

Dimensions: height ca. 4 cm, length ca. 50 cm, width: 35 cm, weight ca. 1058 g.
48 EUR