Vintage 50s round protective case - Small crayon safety container w. reinforced tube & zipper - Colourful cute 50s jazz music party pictures

This is a small, cylindric safety case from the 1950s. Its base colour is white, and it features cute and funny pictures of young people listening to Blues and Jazz records, dancing and partying, all drawn in a typical 50s style in blue, red and yellow colours.
The inside features a plastic tube, making for a reinforced safety case. The outside can be closed with a zipper.

The case is perfect to be taken along with you. You can transport fragile items, for example it is perfect to store crayons or pens in it.

The condition is very good, with only few signs of age and use (small scratches etc.).

Dimensions: ca. 14 cm height, ca. 7,5 cm diameter, ca. 85 g weight.
18 EUR