Vintage 50s serving tray - German Mid-century design - Glass bowl in black metal rack with bast netting - Serve snacks or dinner!

This lovely vintage tray is a fine example of German Mid-century style: it's clever as well as beautifully designed.
It must have been made in the 50s or early 60s.
There are some details to be discovered on this tray, for example the fine way the bast fibers are netted. On the bottom, they're woven into a mat, while on the frame they run along the sides in a more open pattern. Along with the metal frame, painted in black, and the corrugated glass bowl insert, they make an interesting mix of colours and materials, playing with different levels of fragility and solidness.

The glass insert can be removed from the frame easily for easier refilling or cleaning. It is separated into three compartments, making it perfect for serving e.g. snacks or dinner. The underside of the bast tray is consolidated with a sheet of blue plastic, saving the tray from wetness etc.

The tray is overall in very good condition, almost perfect - it looks as it has never been used at all.

Dimensions: width ca. 15 cm, length (incl. handles) ca. 36, height ca. 4 cm, ca. 1140g weight.
42 EUR