Vintage 80s 90s glass bowl - German geometric design - Round deep dish tinted green glass with white lines - Interior design object, tray or tableware

This lovely vintage bowl in modern design is made out of tinted glass in a greenish blue colour. It has a printed geometric pattern, consisting out of white lines arranged in a straight checkered order.
The round bowl was likely made in the 1980s or 1990s. It  has a high rim, making it an interesting choice for a variety of possible applications: You can use it as a tray, and the high rim will make it easy to transport things to and fro with a low risk of things falling over the edge. Or you can use it as a deep dish or bowl, either as tableware or as a decoration item (imagine filling it with water and arranging floating objects, stones etc. in it!). You might even use it as an unusual flower pot!

The bowl is in pretty good condition, with only small signs of age and use. On a few spots, the white lines pattern are a little bit scaled off. See pictures for more details!

Dimensions: diameter ca. 21 cm,  height ca. 5 cm, ca. 525 g weight.
42 EUR