Vintage alphabet letter stamps - Rubber stamp set letters and numbers sans-serif font characters - Complete typesetter collection including punctuation marks in wooden box typography case Neoprint 70s 80s

This awesome typesetting set contains a complete (as far as we can see) sans-serif font alphabet, including upper and lower case letters, numbers, punctuation marks, special characters, umlaute and even some letters twice. The wood and rubber stamps are organized in a wooden box, which is perfect for storage, order and transportation. Some stamps have been used, some are like new. As said above, we think that the set is complete, but please check for yourself with the pictures if the set has everything you need. The set was made by German manufacturer NeoPrint in the 1970s or 1980s.

The overall condition is pretty good. Of course some of the stamps are blotchy with ink, and the wooden case has a few scuffs and scratches etc. But else all is fine and working. See the pictures for more details.

Dimension wooden box: ca. 9 cm height, ca. 28 cm length, ca. 22 cm width. 
Dimension letters: ca. 1 cm height, ca. 1 cm width.
Total weight: ca. 1940 g.

136 EUR