Vintage aluminum colander - Full metal mesh silver body color with black handles - Kitchen strainer aluminium filter tin sieve 60s 70s

This is a vintage colander, likely made in the 1960s or 1970s. It is made out of aluminum, with its body coloured in plain silver and handles coloured on black. It can perfectly be used to drain noodles from water, to clean lettuce and all possible similar things a kitchen strainer can be used for.
Of course you can also just use it as decoration item, as it surely has the looks for that job!

The condition is good, with some signs of age and use, such as some scratches, a few small dents and some color on the handles that's come off. No big flaws, but a beautifully shabby look. Please check out the pictures for more details!

Dimensions: ca. 12 cm height, ca. 35 cm length (incl. handles), ca. 24 cm diameter, ca. 280 g weight.
26 EUR