Vintage batter bowl with metal mesh - Red plastic kitchen pan by KRUPS, removable filter - Perfect for baking dough to sieve flour sugar 80s

The bowl and sieve insert set was made by German manufacturer KRUPS, presumabely in the 1970s or 1980s. They're both coloured in a radiant red with a slightly orange tint.

This is a clever kitchen utensil: a large bowl with a spout and an insert with a wire mesh that can be put on top of it.
The first application that comes to mind is making batter or dough for e.g. a sweet and tasty cake. The mesh is perfect for sieving flour and/or sugar through it and into the dough. The dough can afterwards be poured into a baking mould.
Of course, several other ideas might spring to the mind, such as drinks containing fruits which are filtered through the sifter.
Or you can clear gravy by filtering out the Mirepoix.

The condition is very good, with hardly any signs of age and use at all.

Dimensions: ca. 17 cm height (both stacked together), ca. 22 cm length (incl. handles), ca. 17 cm diameter each, ca. 325 g total weight.
34 EUR