Vintage German Protestant Bible from 1935 - The Holy Book after Martin Luther - In beautiful cover jacket made of fake leather

Here's a rare and special gem: a beautiful miniature Bible, clad in a fake leather cover. It's the Holy Bible after Martin Luther, so being a Protestant Lutheranian edition. It is written in German and was released in 1935. It includes a few coloured maps showing the world of biblical times.

The condition is ok for its age, the bible seems to have been a book of heavy use. A few pages are a bit loose, there are a few scuffs etc., quite so what you'd expect of a book that's over 80 years old and got read and worked with several times. Still its condition is quite good. Please see pictures for more details!

Dimensions: Width ca. 9 cm,  height ca. 14 cm, depth ca. depth 3,5 cm, weight ca. 230 g.
34 EUR